GT3 Package - Stage 5 - Ludicrous Speed ++

GT3 Package - Stage 5 - Ludicrous Speed ++


+ E-Motion Complete Spring Pkg

+ E-Motion 991-GT3 Spring Adaptors

 + E-Motion 991 GT3 Front Drop Links

+ E-Motion 991 GT3 Rear Drop Links

+ E-Motion Front Tension Arms

+ E-Motion Tension Arm Mounts

+ E-Motion Front Inner Control Arms

+ Rear Toe Link Bearing Cartridges

+ Rear Toe Link Eccentric Bolts

+ E-Motion Rear Inner Control Arms

+ E-Motion Billet Rear Short Thrust Arms

+ E-Motion Billet Rear Medium Upper Control Arms

+ E-Motion Billet Rear Long Upper Control Arms

+ 991 GT3 2-piece Type-V Brake Disc Assembly - front (380x34)

+ 991 GT3/GT3RS Slotted 2-piece Type-3 Brake Disc - rear (380x30)

+ E-Motion Engineering Street Pads - front

+ E-Motion Engineering Street Pads - rear

+ SS Brake Lines

+ 3-Way Dampers *subject to availability


Includes Stage 1-4.5

Stage 5 brings your GT3 to the next level with triple adjustable dampers.  We acknowledge that the factory dampers work pretty well in the 991 but still leave something on the table to maximize performance.  The resolution of a competition damper is designed for high frequencies and the most control.  This will bring your car to the next level on the track but also be quite comfortable on the street because of this resolution and the ability for the full Seely Setup.  This is where the real fun begins!