GT3 Package - Stage 4 - Ludicrous Speed

GT3 Package - Stage 4 - Ludicrous Speed


+ E-Motion Complete Spring Pkg

+ E-Motion 991-GT3 Spring Adaptors

+ E-Motion 991 GT3 Front Drop Links

+ E-Motion 991 GT3 Rear Drop Links

+ E-Motion Front Tension Arms

+ E-Motion Tension Arm Mounts

+ E-Motion Front Inner Control Arms

+ Rear Toe Link Bearing Cartridges

+ Rear Toe Link Eccentric Bolts

+ E-Motion Rear Inner Control Arms

+ E-Motion Billet Rear Short Thrust Arms

+ E-Motion Billet Rear Medium Upper Control Arms

+ E-Motion Billet Rear Long Upper Control Arms


Includes Stage 1-3

Stage 4 addresses the remaining 3 control arms of the 5-link rear suspension.  These arms replace the last of the rubber control arm bushings previously mentioned.  Once again we use a full billet replacement so that this upgrade is easily done and undone when the car needs to be returned to stock parts for various reasons.

These arms are designed with integrated lower brake duct mounts and ride height sensor mounts so that nothing is deleted or removed when swapping these arms.