GT3 Package - Stage 3 - Ridiculous Speed +

GT3 Package - Stage 3 - Ridiculous Speed +


 + E-Motion Complete Spring Pkg

 + E-Motion 991-GT3 Spring Adaptors

 + E-Motion 991 GT3 Front Drop Links

 + E-Motion 991 GT3 Rear Drop Links

 + E-Motion Front Tension Arms

 + E-Motion Tension Arm Mounts

 + E-Motion Front Inner Control Arms

 + Rear Toe Link Bearing Cartridges

 + Rear Toe Link Eccentric Bolts

 + E-Motion Rear Inner Control Arms


Includes Stage 1-2

Stage 3 shifts focus to the rear suspension with billet inner control arm replacements and rear toe steer motor spherical bearing inserts.  With a 5-link rear suspension fully attached by rubber, it is exceptionally important to improve deflection.  The stock rubber suspension bushings allow alignment changes when the car is loaded in the corner due to deflection.  Eliminating these bushings and utilizing spherical bearings not only corrects some of the deflection, but now the control arm pivots on a bearing instead of relying on rubber twist.