GT3 Package - Stage 2 - Ridiculous Speed

GT3 Package - Stage 2 - Ridiculous Speed


+ E-Motion Complete Spring Pkg

+ E-Motion 991-GT3 Spring Adaptors

+ E-Motion 991 GT3 Front Drop Links

+ E-Motion 991 GT3 Rear Drop Links

+ E-Motion Front Tension Arms

+ E-Motion Tension Arm Mounts

+ E-Motion Front Inner Control Arms


Includes Stage 1-1.5

Stage 2 addresses front steering response, grip, aesthetics, and once again more rear grip.   The addition of billet inner control arm replacements and tension arm mounts for the outer control arm eliminate the rest of the remaining rubber components in the front axle. (Factory upper mounts are already solid) Eliminating rubber mounts rids the front axle of unwanted rubber deflection which hurts response time and also alignment settings under load. The result is more grip, better steering feedback, better performance, and more driving enjoyment.

The E-Motion Tension Arms are an industry first. Rather than using a threaded adjuster we chose to use shims.  Although convenient, threaded adjusters are hard to keep consistent and know where in the adjustment range the arm is from left to right corners.  Using shims makes it easy to visually see where in the range of adjustment you are from left to right and, therefore, no guessing.

The biggest bonus to the new style tension arm is that the factory I-Beam shape was retained and thus allows for the factory brake duct to be reattached and not loosely tie wrapped.

All of these parts together allow for the front track to be widened as much as possible without having adjustment restrictions that would cause fender and fender liner clearance issues.  This is really important when trying to maximize performance and also when trying to make aftermarket wheels and tires fit appropriately.