GT3 Package - Stage 1.5 - Light Speed +

GT3 Package - Stage 1.5 - Light Speed +


+ E-Motion Complete Spring Pkg

+ E-Motion 991-GT3 Spring Adaptors

+ E-Motion 991 GT3 Front Drop Links

+ E-Motion 991 GT3 Rear Drop Links


Includes Stage 1 (replaces Front Spring Package w/ Complete Spring Package)

Stage 1.5 increases the front and rear spring rates incrementally over what is previously suggested. The rear springs are upgraded to 65mm ID linear springs and tenders for better clearance to the rear damper body.  This is necessary because the damper and the spring actually pivot on different axis due to the factory top mount design.  An adapter for the shock top is included to convert from the progressive factory spring and lower spring perch adapter to convert from the 60mm ID stock spring ID to 65mm ID upgraded springs.